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National Security

National Security

Armed Services: Missouri's 4th District Commitment

Missouri's 4th District stands proud with its military installations. Whiteman Air Force Base, the home of the B-2 stealth bomber and soon the B-21, alongside Fort Leonard Wood, represent our commitment to national defense. Our chief goal is to ensure these bases, and our military, receive the necessary resources and funding. Through the Military Construction and Veterans Appropriations Package, we successfully secured $50 million for privatized family housing at Fort Leonard Wood, marking a significant accomplishment for our district.

We're dedicated to ensuring that the core mission of our armed services remains unobstructed. During the NDAA process, I introduced the following bills:

  • H.R.4533 - Cost of Wokeism in the Military Act: This legislation mandates the Secretary of Defense to evaluate and report on staffing at the Department of Defense Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • H.R.4532 - Defund Extremism Working Group Act: Aimed at ensuring responsible fiscal management, this legislation seeks to limit the use of federal funds authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act for the Department of Defense Countering Extremism Work Group.

Taking a Firm Stand on China

I've dedicated a significant portion of my focus in Congress to monitoring China's increasing military aggression in the Indo-Pacific region. China has consistently demonstrated aggressive behavior, especially towards Taiwan. If China invades Taiwan, it would not only threaten regional stability but also risk a global economic crisis and potentially ignite World War 3. The Straits of Taiwan, through which over 50% of global GDP flows, remain a focal point of international concern. Any aggressive move by China to invade Taiwan would have repercussions for Americans back home. It is in our national security interest to deter the CCP's military aggression and keep China at bay.