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Congressman Alford Introduces American Land and Property Protection Act

Washington, DC – Earlier today, as first reported by Fox News, Congressman Mark Alford (MO-04) introduced legislation that would prevent foreign adversaries from purchasing real estate of any kind in the United States. The American Land and Property Protection Act would specifically prohibit nonresident aliens, foreign businesses, an agent, trustee, or fiduciaries associated with China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea from purchasing land in America. 

The legislation is co-sponsored by Representatives (7):

  • Reschenthaler (PA-14)
  • DesJarlais (TN-04)
  • Weber (TX-14)
  • Mooney (WV-02)
  • Pfluger (TX-11)
  • Duncan (SC-03)
  • Greene (GA-14)


Congressman Alford issued the following statement:


“Foreign adversaries have no business owning American real estate. Right now, if Americans wanted to travel to Moscow, Beijing, or Havana, we would not be allowed to buy property. Why is the reverse scenario permissible?


Our legislation will change that. In an ever-changing global landscape, we must take the necessary steps to secure our homeland. Our bill is a crucial first step in accomplishing that.”


Media inquiries for Rep. Alford should be directed to Austin Higginbotham at