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Congressman Alford and Senator Schmitt Lead Bicameral Letter Concerning Terrorists Crossing the Southern Border

Washington, DC – Earlier today, as first reported by Washington Examiner, Congressman Mark Alford and Senator Eric Schmitt led a bicameral letter with 22 of his colleagues to Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin III, and Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, expressing grave concerns over the security of the Southern border. The unprecedented number of apprehensions at the Southern border under the Biden Administration, which now totals over six million crossings, is deeply troubling for our national security.


The letter requests a response to the following questions no later than December 13, 2023.

  1. Considering the ongoing conflict in Israel, please provide confirmation or intelligence as to whether Hamas, Hezbollah, or any Iranian proxy agents have infiltrated our Southern border. If this has occurred, how has the threat been mitigated?
  2. Since 2021, are you aware of any planned terrorist attack by any terrorist organization being foiled by intercepting individuals illegally crossing the Southern border?
  3. How many Chinese nationals with ties to the CCP have successfully crossed through our Southern border? 
  4. Have any Chinese foreign nationals who made unauthorized border crossing then attempted to access U.S. military installations?
  5. What steps are DHS and DoD taking to ensure terrorists are not among the millions of illegal immigrants streaming through our Southern border?


Congressman Alford issued the following statement:

"We cannot allow terrorists, especially Iranian proxies and CCP agents, to infiltrate our Southern border. That is why we're asking DoD and DHS to confirm if any agents have crossed out border, planned terrorist attacks that have been thwarted, and if any CCP agents that have crossed our border attempted to access U.S. military installations. It’s difficult to project credible American military power and deterrence abroad when the Biden Administration cannot or will not even secure our own border. We owe it to the American people to protect our country and secure the border once and for all."


Senator Schmitt added:

“Our foreign adversaries seek to exploit any weakness that we may show, and our Southern border is certainly a weak point. Border Patrol has repeatedly confirmed that illegal immigrants with terrorist ties have been apprehended at the Southern border, but following the terrorist attack in Israel, we need to know exactly who is flooding unabated into our country. From Chinese nationals with ties to the CCP to state-sponsored terrorists, America is less safe because of our porous Southern border, and the American people deserve answers.”


Media inquiries for Rep. Alford should be directed to Austin Higginbotham at 770-519-7894.