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Press Releases

Congressman Mark Alford Introduces the CABO Act

Washington, DC – As first reported by The Daily Caller, earlier today, Congressman Mark Alford led 26 of his colleagues in the introduction of the Congressional Access to Bureaucratic Offices (CABO) Act. This legislation would:

  • Allow Members in the headquarters of any agency during regular business hours, excluding areas that require a security clearance of secret or higher.
  • Allow Members to be accompanied by their official staff.
  • Allow Members even during extenuating circumstances like COVID or other declared emergencies so an agency cannot use COVID restrictions as an excuse to deny a Member entry.


The legislation is co-sponsored by the following Representatives (26):

  • Chairman Roger Williams (TX-25)
  • Chairman Jason Smith (MO-08)
  • Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO-03)
  • Mike Johnson (LA-04)
  • Tracey Mann (KS-01)
  • Ronny Jackson (TX-13)
  • Randy Weber (TX-14)
  • Scott Franklin (FL-18)
  • Byron Donalds (FL-19)
  • Derrick Van Orden (WI-03)
  • Nick Langworthy (NY-23)
  • Trent Kelly (MS-01)
  • Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11)
  • Darrell Issa (CA-48)
  • Chuck Edwards (NC-11)
  • Pat Fallon (TX-04)
  • Dan Meuser (PA-09)
  • Ashley Hinson (IA-02)
  • Andrew Clyde (GA-09)
  • Jeff Van Drew (NJ-02)
  • Eli Crane (AZ-02)
  • Beth Van Duyne (TX-24)
  • Barry Moore (AL-02)
  • Mike Collins (GA-10)
  • Russell Fry (SC-07)
  • Richard Hudson (NC-09)


Congressman Alford issued the following statement:


“As members of Congress, one of our primary functions is to perform oversight over the Executive Branch. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, federal agencies have refused access to members of Congress. We have been thwarted at every turn. If they have nothing to hide, why will they not allow us in?


It is time for that to change. We must ensure transparency and accountability at all levels of American government. In order for that to happen, Congress must have access to the agencies. The CABO Act will guarantee this happens.”


Chairman Roger Williams added:


“Federal agencies, such as the SBA and EPA, seem to have forgotten who they report to. Legislators who represent the American taxpayers and are responsible for agency oversight and funding, must be allowed to have access to agency headquarters to ensure the staff is doing the work that is required of them. For too long, we have been ignored or denied meetings or access to these facilities, which begs the question, what are they trying to hide? The CABO Act gives the authority back to Congress to increase the oversight of rogue agencies.”


Congressman Luetkemeyer added:


“As the elected representatives of the American People, having visibility into various agencies is critical to our work of creating sensible laws, ensuring taxpayer funding is used appropriately, and keeping bureaucracy in check. I’m proud to support the CABO Act and its purpose of bringing greater transparency to the federal government.”


Congressman Donalds added:


“America’s unaccountable and overly politicized federal agencies will be the downfall of our great nation unless we take action to rein in this messMembers of Congress with oversight authority and accompanying staff must be allowed access to the headquarters of the agencies under their jurisdiction. This is common sense.”