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Alford's America Recordings

Hey folks, I host a radio show/podcast in DC with various members of congress every week. This offers a unique opportunity for you to meet the fantastic people I'm working with daily to shape America's policies. It provides insight into the behind-the-scenes action, sharing the stories, news, and legislation that helps you better understand day-to-day operations in DC. Check out our episode below:


E1: Rep. Derrick F. Van Orden (WI-03)

E2: Rep. Kat Cammack(FL-03)

E3: July 4th Special

E5: Rep. Ronny Jackson, MD, Admiral (TX-13)

E6: Rep. Pat Fallon (TX-04)

E7: Rep. Troy Nehls (TX-22)

E8: Congressman Jake LaTurner (KS-02)

E9: Congressman, GT Thompson, Chairman Agricultural Committee

E10: Mike Rogers, Chairman - House Armed Services Committee

E11: Congressman Walberg (MI-05) on Faith, Drive, and The Guitar

E12: Chaplain of the United States House of Representatives, Margaret G. Kibben

E13: Fentanyl Crisis in America

E14: Congressman Jackson (IL-01)

E15: Congressman Keith Self (TX-03)

E16: Congressman Wesley Hunt (TX-38)

E17: Ashley Hinson (IA-02)

E18: Roger Williams - Chairman, Small Business Committee

E19: Congressman Russell Fry (SC-07) | President of the 118th Congress Freshman Class

E20: Steve Scalise, Majority Leader

E21: Rep. Rich McCormick, MBA, MD and Marine Pilot

E22: Rep. Austin Scott (GA-08)

E23: Thanksgiving Special

E24: Eric Burlison (MO-07)

E25: Congresswoman Erin Houchin (IN-09)

E26: Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-24)

E27: Congressman Nathaniel Moran (TX-01)

E28: Christmas Special

E29: Rep.Harriet Hageman (WY) – At Large

E42: Rep. Don Bacon (NE-02) | Brig. Gen. (RET), U.S. Air Force

E43: Rep. Burgess Owens (UT-04) | Super Bowl Champion XV

E44: Rep. Lisa McClain (MI-09) on Taiwan Trip