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The sacrifices of the United States Armed Forces have allowed us the freedom to live securely in America, and we will always honor their fortitude.


Supporting our American troops in the field is just as important as supporting them when they return. The courageous men and women who defend our nation deserve exceptional care and it is our responsibility to ensure that they have what they need to live healthy lives.


My father-in-law was a Korean War Veteran who returned with rheumatic fever. I understand how frustrating the long waits veterans face for health care. I promise to address these challenges and fight for excellent military health opportunities.


As a member of the Armed Services committee, I want to advocate for our heroes in any way that I can. I have introduced the following bills in efforts to increase effective healthcare options for American veterans: 

  • H.R. 1774 VA Emergency Transportation Act: This legislation amends title 38, United States Code, to reimburse veterans for the cost of emergency medical transportation to a Federal facility.
  • H.R. 4480 - Successful Entrepreneurship for Reservists and Veterans (SERV) Act: The Successful Entrepreneurship for Reservists and Veterans (SERV) Act addresses the need for greater outreach and resources for Veteran-owned small businesses. Accessing capital is one of the most important first steps an entrepreneur takes when starting a business, and it remains one of the biggest difficulties throughout the life of a small business. This is especially true for our Veterans, who often have a more difficult time accessing capital and credit.