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Missouri proudly stands as the home to over 95,000 farms, ranking it second in the nation. This is a testament to the importance of agriculture in the state, contributing an impressive $93.7 billion to our economy. Truly, agriculture is the backbone of Missouri.

Key Accomplishments & Initiatives:

Formation of the Agriculture Advisory Committee: Upon taking office, we formed an agriculture advisory committee to provide expert guidance on the farm bill, ensuring that the voices and concerns of our farmers are always at the forefront.

Commitment on the House Agriculture Committee: Serving as Missouri's singular representative on the House Agriculture Committee, there's an unwavering commitment I have to developing farm policies that shield our farmers and ranchers from undue agency interference while promoting rural interests.

Introduction of the A-PLUS Act: The first piece of legislation I introduced was the A-PLUS Act. This vital legislation is designed to eliminate regulatory obstacles that limit meat processing capacity. It empowers livestock auction market owners to invest in smaller, regional packing facilities, fostering growth and streamlining the process.

Advocacy for Rural Advancement: Beyond the direct farm interests, there's an active push to enhance rural broadband access, fortify market access initiatives like MAP and FMD, and increase funding for agricultural research. Further, supporting animal disease prevention programs remains a priority, recognizing their critical importance to the state's agricultural success.

Our commitment to Missouri's farmers, ranchers, and agricultural businesses is unwavering. Together, we aim to ensure a prosperous future for the state's rich agricultural history.